Louisiana Theatre Life Newsletter December 2011

Traditionally, theatre in December could be any number of oft-repeated tales, from Christmas fare like pantomime and the nativity, to seasonal stories made popular by radio, television or film, or even, regular programming not related to the holiday. 

Louisiana Theatre Life Newsletter November 2011

Have you ever stopped to wonder what your life would be without music?  Music, like the electricity we take for granted, is an all pervasive part of our existence. Admittedly, life without  electricity would be an uncomfortable to downright catastrophic misery (can we say Katrina?). On the other hand, life without music would dramatically "color" our world as sterile, empty, less communicative.

Louisiana Theatre Life Newsletter October 2011

In Denham Springs, LA there is a brand spanking new theatre company called Spotlight Players and they are about to open their very first show ever. They have chosen Steel Magnolias and it promises to be a huge success for this fledgling group.  

Louisiana Theatre Life Newsletter - September 2011

How do you define success in the theatre world?  Is it how many performances you have? Is it how much money is in your budget?  How about how many years you have been in operation?  Do you rely on box office figures and social monitoring or critics' reviews? 

Louisiana Theatre Life - August 2011

What are the tasks and responsibilities of those who work in theatre? While job descriptions may vary from company to company, use the menu at right for information on basic expectations and activities common to a list of key positions.   


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