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December 2010 Newsletter

Jefferson Performing Arts Society (JPAS) in Metarie is getting ready for us to come to share the festival experience. If you have no’’’t sent in your registration forms, do not hesitate and send it in today. It is going to be a wonderful time to be involved in live theatre. To get more information about the State AACT/Fest, go to JPAS website.

Festivals are amazing! The curtain goes up and there are up to three 10 by 10 foot squares on an otherwise bare stage. In each square is everything that can be used for a show - actors, set, props, and costumes. The buzzer sounds and the first show is off and running. The actors in square 1 hustle to set up their show in 10 minutes - because that’s when they must start. And they must end their piece no later than 60 minutes later. Then they have 10 minutes to put it all back in their box and leave the stage bare again.

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