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Acting Unlimited, Inc


Acting Unlimited, Inc.’s mission is to create community theatre which is challenging and celebratory, educational and empowering.  We believe that theatre can reflect the state of a community, and in doing so, awaken  both actor and audience. We believe that we create the future of theatre by training and nurturing the next generation of artists. By supporting their education in performance and technical design, by providing them with a safe place to explore their art, and by guiding them in performance, we ensure the future of the art of theatre in our community. The art of theatre is collaborative, and we believe we are all best served when we act accordingly. AUI encourages collaboration with other companies in the hopes of creating a vibrant community of artists, working with and learning from one another. In the best interests of our company, we actively pursue engagement in all forms of live theatre. We produce original work, contemporary work, classical work, drama, comedy, and musicals. Diversity in the works that we produce benefits our company members as well as our community.AUI was founded by Gloria Breaux in 1989. Our mission is two-fold: to present innovative theatrical experiences to audiences who may never have enjoyed a live theatrical performance, and to train actors, directors, designers and technicians to create theatre for our company, and enable them, in the future, to create theatre for other companies or for their own companies. We recruit children, teens and adults from all walks of life and all ethnic groups. AUI presents plays with an adult cast and adult themes in a variety of styles. Our repertory branch, AURA, presents plays oriented to theatre artists who are still in school, from 1st grade through graduate school. Between these two companies a wide variety of work is done, from Shakespearean classics (A Midsummer Night’s Dream) to live stage adaptations of internet phenomena (Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog). All of AUI/AURA’s company members receive a comprehensive theatrical experience encompassing many different eras and styles of theatre. Our programs include professional development workshops in acting, directing, design and crew work as well as performance opportunities. We develop workshops for the benefit of our AURA members, but these workshops are always open to the public. With AUI and AURA, we are always in development with a new and different kind of theatrical experience for the Acadiana area. We hope you will come along for the ride.



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